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Untitled Document        Hospitals usually are distinguished from other types of medical facilities by their ability to admit and care for inpatients whilst the others often are described as ...
Welcome to Pune Adventist Hospital
  Adventist Hospital offers quality patient care, excellent medical services, effective nursing care and a humane approach in rendering patient care. The Intensive Care Unit, the Oncology Day Care Unit and General Medicine are the key specialties that receive the maximum number of patients.

Adventist Hospital provides cost effective medical services of the highest quality.Adventist Hospital is very ecofriendly and has a ‘filmless and paperless’ digital environment.

Adventist Hospital aims to ‘create a centre of life where the elements of nature augment the healing environment and offer holistic healthcare under one roof.

Adventist Hospital offers comprehensive healthcare facilities to all strata of society. Special provisions are made for those unable to afford high medical costs.

Our Vision
To be a healthcare destination where high-end technology and medical expertise blend with compassionate and personalized care, to meet the health needs of all our patients whose care is our primary purpose and mission.

We are committed to quality as an integral part of our total operations with the goal of achieving clinical excellence and patient satisfaction and safety by continually improving our capability to identify, develop & provide services that are valued by our patients and result in good clinical outcome.
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