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Asthma Reasons and Preventions

Followig are some of the most common reasons for Asthma:
1.If there is any patient of Asthma in previous history of asthma patients in family it refers to the chances of Asthma. If the parents are affected from Asthma then it is quit possible that the children will also carry the disease from their parents. This kind of symptoms can be detected very early in life.

2.Smoking tobacco is regarded the major reason for asthma. Smoking tobacco in any form like cigarettes, cigar, pipe, and similarly can cause serious respiratory sickness. When we smoke it is believed that damage to lungs is sure and everlasting. When we smoke it is believed that damage to lungs is sure and permanent which leads to asthma that is very difficult to alleviate. Asthma can turns into chronic problem that can only be controlled using appropriate prescription.

3.Persons suffering from allergy are more prone to asthma when they are exposed to allergens. An allergen is a little substance that triggers allergic reaction in a person.

4.There has been a rise in the number of asthma cases due to pollution in cities. It may be seem minor but it is the most common fact of our day-to-day life. Since the invention of motor vehicles and industrial revolution the number of asthma patient raised. Air pollutants have affected our immune system over time and newer generations are more prone with this disease.

5.In particular sectors like construction, paints, and chemical industry, the workers are in habitual make contact with dust, minute foreign particles, toxic exhausts and other items that may cause severe respiratory problems. Mostly, it happens due to carelessness regarding standard safety procedures that increase chances of asthma.

Now we all wanna know the steps to prevent Asthma. Isnt it?

Here are some tips to Prevent Asthma

1.Inhalers must be kept to prevent Asthma. It could be dangerous if the person does not have inhaler or the prescribed pills or tablets along with him. So it should always be kept in the mind to carry them always.

2.Person suffering from Asthma should take regular treatment for asthma and it is very important to be honest and to keep patient to deal with this problem. Doses or checkups should not be skipped.

3.When you are suffering from Asthma it is very important to prevent smoking. Smoking can invite many unwanted diseases such as cancer and heart attack so it is very necessary to quit smoking.

4.To prevent Asthma it is important to understand the importance of cleanliness or hygiene. Staying in a clean surrounding and maintaining personal hygiene can prevent Asthma.

5.Masks and accessories should be used to reduce damaging effects of air pollution. Masks are very necessary for the Asthma patients especially for children.

6.Knowing about this common respiratory disease asthma symptoms and causes can help you control it. To prevent Asthma taking medicines in the prescribed doses is also very important, it will keep the disease under control.
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